Quotes from Schools

"We were very impressed with the layout of the booklet, which will appeal to teenagers.  It is colourful with illustrations that get the point across without being didactic.  It is a pupil-friendly booklet giving lots of information and advice which everyone can comprehend."

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Introducing Child Protection UK Ltd (C.P. UK Ltd)

Child Protection UK was started towards the end of 2004 with only a small team of staff. It was hard finding the right employees to do this job, we needed people who were not only motivated but also dedicated and believed in changing and educating society opinions on drug abuse.


When our last newsletter was published, I thought the level of support from businesses was fantastic. Since then we have donated more computers to schools. We have also donated a computer to Lyndhurst Primary School in Dukinfield, Manchester who have suffered at the hands of vandals after a blaze. They are slowly rebuilding their school.


A message from Mrs Paula Kasser (Managing Director)

I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors, staff and schools for all the exceptional work that they have achieved over the last 7 years. If, like myself, you are fortunate to receive letters from young people who have benefited from the material we produce; you too would see what a real and positive difference our campaign is making.




Wanted Sales Staff


Chatterboxes Wanted


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